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Egyptian Project


On May 23, 2019, Degao Machinery conducted a trial production of DGE7280A rotary screen printing machine purchased by HOUSE COVERS INDUSTRIES CO. in Egypt, and successfully checked and accepted it at one time.

Main Characteristics of DGE7280 Series latest Rotary Screen Printing Machine is that High speed high accuracy printing, the highest printing speed could reach 100m/min, Printing type could choose magnetic type and squeegee type arbitrary combination, Industrial field bus data transfer, remote fault diagnosis and monitoring and etc.. This new equipment purchased by Egyptian HOUSE COVERS INDUSTRIES CO. is our company's service to Egyptian printing and dyeing enterprise once again, and it is very important for our company to develop Egyptian market. This company gives a high evaluation to the work of our installation personnel, and is very satisfied with the stable running of our machine.

With more and more DGE7280 series new type rotary screen printing machines sold abroad, our company will serve more foreign printing and dyeing enterprises and promote the development of Chinese equipment in the international market together with other Chinese manufacturer of machine.