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Culture tenet

Business philosophy   Highly Respected, Integrity Always

Happy to dedicate      firm and indomitable    practical and realistic

Adhere to the work ethic,win the market with good moral demeanor. Adhere to the principle of integrity and pursue the sustainable development of enterprises. Always be a reliable partner to the customer.

Enterprises Spirit   Prospering Business Based on Science and Technology, serve the country through industry

Take science and technology as the lead, take innovation as the driving force, continuously pursue the outstanding operating performance, and promote the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

Quality Policy   Pursuit of zero defect quality, to win trust with quality

Enterprise vision    Be able to become the most outstanding company in the field of equipment manufacturing, employees live and work in peace, and the enterprise harmonious development

Enterprise mission    Take Degao as the platform, gather the excellent talented person who is full of enthusiasm, and be willing to contribute, pursue the career development, and then contribute the society

Core Value      continuous learning    positive attitude   adhere to integrity

               strive for the best      commitment to performance  sincerely cooperation

               dedication           firm and indomitable        practical and realistic