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5180 series magnetic + squeegee mixed type rotary screen printing machine

main features:

    Printing type can choose magnet type and scraper type mixed using

       Suitable for large repeat printing, the largest repeat can be up to 1450 mm

    The machine control adopts Siemens PLC, large screen LCD human-machine interface

       Overturn type printing unit, maintain and clear simple and convenient

    Digital LCD screen independent operations console

       Crosswise, diagonal digital electric operation

 Germany servo motor, precision planetary gear speed reducer

main parameters:

Product   model


Printing   type

Magnetic   + squeegee mixed type

Nominal   width


Effective   printing width(mm)

A   series standard 1620、1850、2050、2250、2450、2650、2850、3050

B   series standard 1620、1850、2000、2200、2400、2600、2800、3000

Standard   colors


Repeat   size(mm)


Printing   varieties

knitted,   woven fabric processing